Halloween and NaNoWriMo

I’ve heard that agents and publishers and perhaps even readers get wary when you admit you wrote a novel in 30 days. National Novel Writing Month – i.e. November – is called “30 days of literary abandon” for a reason. Every day, we Wrimos write – or hope to write – approximately 1700 words on an imagined novel. We imagine the novel. Some of us outline it. I laugh. “Outline? What’s an outline?” Rather, I have a vague idea of my main character and a clearer idea of what changes him, hopefully for the better.

So, Happy All Saints’ Eve. And know I’m getting geared up to write 50,000 words in 30 days beginning at midnight.


A Hat!

As I mentioned in a previous post, advertising is on clothing. I asked whether a tee or a hat is the better clothing for an ad. I received no response, although 2 people did take a moment to like my post. So, I decided to use a hat!

Stands Alone

When you write a parallel novel – if you ever have – as the author you can not possibly know if it stands alone or not. Now I do know METAL MAN WALKING stands alone since I wrote it first. But, ANNIE DREAMING – I thought it was able to be read first or second without destroying the other novel and without needing the other novel. Recently a reader confirmed that ANNIE DREAMING stands alone which is gratifying.

ANNIE DREAMING is not a sequel or prequel; it’s a companion.  ANNIE DREAMING is not the same story, neither is it a completely different story than METAL MAN WALKING.

Therefore, read either one first. In both novels are hints of the other; both novels should enhance the other but not need the other.


A Hat or A Tee?

Advertising is on clothes! I advertise my primary ( isn’t that what WordPress calls it? ) blog GRACE PARTAKERS on a baseball cap! I’m thinking of DooRFrame Books either on a cap or a tee. Probably not much ‘bang’ for the buck, but handing out ‘business’ cards doesn’t appear to work well either.

Begging people to buy a novel is rather lame, too.

So, hat or tee?


English: A heap of scrap metal

This afternoon during a small gathering around a cart aligned with tracheostomy tubes and Passy Muir speaking valves for a hospital roving in-service, several nurses who have bought and read METAL MAN WALKING began to talk about the book and the main character, Chuck Logan.

One of the nurses excitedly said, “And he walks and walks; oh boy, does he walk. He walks all over Charleston. And the other day I couldn’t believe it. I saw a man with a shopping cart full of metal and I thought of Carley’s book. It couldn’t be, but it was him!”

The respiratory care therapist, who has not read my novel, asked, “Is he real?”

At this point, I said that Chuck was inspired by real people, people who do collect scrap metal to make a living in the best way they can.

Another nurse, who just bought ANNIE DREAMING, then spoke of how much she enjoyed reading METAL MAN WALKING. She said, “I couldn’t put it down; I read it in one day.”

First Review

“I highly recommend this book! It has been a long time since I’ve read a book that I didn’t want to put down, ANNIE DREAMING kept me up until nearly midnight. Carley has a wonderful way of putting into words the love and yet tension that happens in a family dynamic over time. I can picture each event as I read the words on the pages. Can’t wait to read some more today!!”

– Debra Carlson

Asking Azalea

Azalea Magazine is a free but slick, advertisement-packed, beautiful seasonal magazine about Summerville, South Carolina. I’d love a feature – ah ha! – in one of the future issues! Even a short excerpt of either METAL MAN WALKING or ANNIE DREAMING would be wonderful.

Better yet, a well-written, crisp review of one or both!

Here’s to dreams.