Speaking of faith

Girl reading a book.

Self-publishing is an adventure, to say the least much like reading a book by an unknown author. “Do I want to spend money on this book?” asks the potential reader. The writer asks, “Do I want to spend so much time and effort and money to write and publish a book few will ever read?”

The common answer of the potential reader is “No!” The next likely answer is “Maybe.” The answer the writer hopes for is “Yes. Where do I buy it?”

The common answer of the author contemplating whether to write a novel ( or a short story, poem, script, play, essay ) is “Yes! Absolutely!”

So, I’m stepping out in faith again on November 1st; joining fellow NaNoWrimos ( or Wrimos ) for National Novel Writing Month. My working title is STREET PREACHER. My novel follows Reverend Kevin Hillar, a midwestern street preacher whose hard-lines are softened by something unexpected.


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