1, 2, 3… Sold!

My latest novel, ANNIE DREAMING came out on Friday, October 12th to my delight. After many months of work, often around the clock, I’ve finally published her. [ I say “around the clock” because often I’d wake with an idea that demanded I get up and jot it down…]

And, over the weekend, last night and today I’ve sold 6 copies.

Nice. More sales required.


4 thoughts on “1, 2, 3… Sold!

  1. Thanks for your comment on Can Writing Be Taught? Congratulations on your novel and your sales. And I love your blog site. I haven’t created the time to do so much with mine. Let me know more of your thoughts on what helps us as writers improve our writing.

    • Thanks Virginia. What helps us improve our writing? That’s quite a question. Writing helps improve writing, I think. Like anything else, the more you write and rewrite, the better your writing “sounds.” Also, I think that being true to your voice is important. You can’t let someone else dictate your “voice.” Everyone writes differently because everyone thinks differently. When we try to copy someone else, we get lost and so our writing gets lost, too. Many blessings!

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