English: A heap of scrap metal

This afternoon during a small gathering around a cart aligned with tracheostomy tubes and Passy Muir speaking valves for a hospital roving in-service, several nurses who have bought and read METAL MAN WALKING began to talk about the book and the main character, Chuck Logan.

One of the nurses excitedly said, “And he walks and walks; oh boy, does he walk. He walks all over Charleston. And the other day I couldn’t believe it. I saw a man with a shopping cart full of metal and I thought of Carley’s book. It couldn’t be, but it was him!”

The respiratory care therapist, who has not read my novel, asked, “Is he real?”

At this point, I said that Chuck was inspired by real people, people who do collect scrap metal to make a living in the best way they can.

Another nurse, who just bought ANNIE DREAMING, then spoke of how much she enjoyed reading METAL MAN WALKING. She said, “I couldn’t put it down; I read it in one day.”


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