An Aside

Coming into the hospital today, I spoke with the lady at the information desk. She said, “Here.” And pulled out my novel, METAL MAN WALKING to show to me.

“Oh,” I said, “you’re reading it.”

She said, “I’ve just started it. It’s great.”



You Know Things Are Slow When…

Tonight I noticed that I sold a copy of METAL MAN WALKING through “expanded distribution” – meaning, I gather, that a bookstore or library purchased that copy. The royalty on this is lousy, but it’s still exciting.

Also, today a colleague of mine stated, “I finished ANNIE DREAMING. I like it better than METAL MAN WALKING. It read better for me. I liked the telepathy in it.”

The whole feedback thing – the positive comments – just keeps me going, as a writer and lately as a person, too.

Thanks everyone!

Book Signing

I have a book signing scheduled for December 20th 7pm-8pm at A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE in downtown Summerville, South Carolina.

I’ll have copies of METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING available for purchase.

Come on out; it’s THIRD THURSDAY and generally a roaring good time in Summerville.

Azalea Magazine – Again

The editor-in-chief of Summerville’s Azalea Magazine called me on my cell phone while I was at work last week. I was so excited, I thought I’d jump out of my skin. But, being at work and being one of those dedicated employees – seriously, I am! – I suggested she call me later.

I wasn’t certain the call was about METAL MAN WALKING and/or ANNIE DREAMING; but I was hopeful, to say the least.

She didn’t call at the appointed time. Disappointment set in. I even thought perhaps her earlier call was a dreaded sales call!

But, yesterday, I received a very nice e-mail from the editor-in-chief of Azalea Magazine. Contrary to the magazine’s usual policy of avoiding the self-published, she wants to read one of my books.

I’m excited again.

More to follow…


Writing Fast

I’ve never been a speed-reader, never went to an inspirational talk on speed-reading and its value in mowing through books. Now I find I’m still not a speed-reader, but I am indeed a speed writer.

I’ve not considered myself an OCD, but when it comes to a novel in process, I believe ‘obsessive’ fits me to a ‘T’.

Prolific? No, I’ve not been prolific in my lifetime. But, I believe I am now heading toward that description. Know, dear reader, that just because I write fast and a lot, does not diminish the quality of my writing.

I work hard. For example, over this weekend I perhaps spent close to 24 of those 48 hours writing, editing, proofing, reading my current work.

Pick up a copy of ANNIE DREAMING or METAL MAN WALKING. I’m a starving artist.

The Plot Thickens

This morning, after writing a scene, I was hit on top of the head – yes, figuratively – by an idea. I know – I think! – what’s going to happen in my novel for November.

Although early in the writing process, I admit I’m super-excited.