An Aside

Coming into the hospital today, I spoke with the lady at the information desk. She said, “Here.” And pulled out my novel, METAL MAN WALKING to show to me.

“Oh,” I said, “you’re reading it.”

She said, “I’ve just started it. It’s great.”



You Know Things Are Slow When…

Tonight I noticed that I sold a copy of METAL MAN WALKING through “expanded distribution” – meaning, I gather, that a bookstore or library purchased that copy. The royalty on this is lousy, but it’s still exciting.

Also, today a colleague of mine stated, “I finished ANNIE DREAMING. I like it better than METAL MAN WALKING. It read better for me. I liked the telepathy in it.”

The whole feedback thing – the positive comments – just keeps me going, as a writer and lately as a person, too.

Thanks everyone!

Starting 4th Novel

Today, at Waffle House, I read a paragraph in an article from THE ECONOMIST, and discover my next main character. Her voice begins in my mind, and my next novel is underway.


NaNoWriMo 2012 Winner

NaNoWriMo 2012 Winner

I won! My second November is National Novel Writing Month; my second “win” – 50,000+ words in less than 30 days!


Book Signing

I have a book signing scheduled for December 20th 7pm-8pm at A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE in downtown Summerville, South Carolina.

I’ll have copies of METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING available for purchase.

Come on out; it’s THIRD THURSDAY and generally a roaring good time in Summerville.


Azalea Magazine – Again

The editor-in-chief of Summerville’s Azalea Magazine called me on my cell phone while I was at work last week. I was so excited, I thought I’d jump out of my skin. But, being at work and being one of those dedicated employees – seriously, I am! – I suggested she call me later.

I wasn’t certain the call was about METAL MAN WALKING and/or ANNIE DREAMING; but I was hopeful, to say the least.

She didn’t call at the appointed time. Disappointment set in. I even thought perhaps her earlier call was a dreaded sales call!

But, yesterday, I received a very nice e-mail from the editor-in-chief of Azalea Magazine. Contrary to the magazine’s usual policy of avoiding the self-published, she wants to read one of my books.

I’m excited again.

More to follow…



Writing Fast

I’ve never been a speed-reader, never went to an inspirational talk on speed-reading and its value in mowing through books. Now I find I’m still not a speed-reader, but I am indeed a speed writer.

I’ve not considered myself an OCD, but when it comes to a novel in process, I believe ‘obsessive’ fits me to a ‘T’.

Prolific? No, I’ve not been prolific in my lifetime. But, I believe I am now heading toward that description. Know, dear reader, that just because I write fast and a lot, does not diminish the quality of my writing.

I work hard. For example, over this weekend I perhaps spent close to 24 of those 48 hours writing, editing, proofing, reading my current work.

Pick up a copy of ANNIE DREAMING or METAL MAN WALKING. I’m a starving artist.


40,000 + words

Another milestone; I’ve reached and surpassed 40,000 words. I am on page 187 and Chapter 40 of my NaNoWriMo 2012 novel.


30,000 +

A milestone is reached today – I’ve written 30,150 words on my NaNoWriMo, 2012 novel. I’m pleased so far. The plot moves forward without a hitch. Come along, eventually I’ll publish this one.


The Plot Thickens

This morning, after writing a scene, I was hit on top of the head – yes, figuratively – by an idea. I know – I think! – what’s going to happen in my novel for November.

Although early in the writing process, I admit I’m super-excited.