Writing Fast

I’ve never been a speed-reader, never went to an inspirational talk on speed-reading and its value in mowing through books. Now I find I’m still not a speed-reader, but I am indeed a speed writer.

I’ve not considered myself an OCD, but when it comes to a novel in process, I believe ‘obsessive’ fits me to a ‘T’.

Prolific? No, I’ve not been prolific in my lifetime. But, I believe I am now heading toward that description. Know, dear reader, that just because I write fast and a lot, does not diminish the quality of my writing.

I work hard. For example, over this weekend I perhaps spent close to 24 of those 48 hours writing, editing, proofing, reading my current work.

Pick up a copy of ANNIE DREAMING or METAL MAN WALKING. I’m a starving artist.

One thought on “Writing Fast

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