METAL MAN WALKING (DooRFrame Books) – Kindle Edition

METAL MAN WALKING (DooRFrame Books) – Kindle Edition


ANNIE DREAMING (DooRFrame Books) – Kindle Edition

ANNIE DREAMING (DooRFrame Books) – Kindle Edition

Cell phone novels… now there’s an idea!

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Kindle, Ipad, Sony Pocket Reader?… E-books are already a thing of the past, as Japan leads the way in the latest digital book craze : Cellphones.

Cellphone, or ‘Mobile Phone’ novels (keitai shousetsu)are the first literary genre to emerge from the cellular age via text messaging. The stories are written chapter by chapter in SMS, and broadcast instantly to its’ readership. The first cellphone novel to be published was ‘Deep Love’ in 2003 by young online writer Yoshi. Since then the popularity of the genre has risen and its most avid readership are teenage High School students.

Cellphone novels are mainly written and read largely by females. Among its’ most successful authors are single mothers and students whose stories have gone on to be published in print and even turned into Manga and anime. ‘Sky of Love’, another immensely popular novel, was made into a film in 2008.

The story that moved 11 million readers to tears, ‘Sky of Love’…

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My novels are lonely

My Bookshelf

Novels in a cardboard box get lonely. Did you know that? I bet you did; I bet you just forgot. Novels desire to be shelved next to other, perhaps better – no, never worse – novels, novels not like themselves, but different in tone and temperament.

My novels like other books. No, they really do. I’m not joshing.

Won’t you buy one? Then, be sure to find a nice cozy warm loving spot on your bookshelf. Maybe put METAL MAN WALKING next to GREAT EXPECTATIONS or ANIMAL FARM.

Third Thursday

Third Thursday in Summerville, South Carolina is an opportunity. The small downtown area shops remain open until 8 pm and a street fair ensues. Unfortunately, last night, a rain – hard and a bit cold – blew into town.

I had a ‘book-signing’ at our only local bookstore – A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE – which is a beautiful children’s place of reading.

I connected with at least 16 people, but no one purchased a book. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself.

Times are tough.

Another Amazon Sale

Sometimes rain is so refreshing – a hard rain, yes; but also a sprinkling that coats the sidewalk with dark wetness then dissipates.

METAL MAN WALKING sales are not a deluge, but a sprinkle.

Still, each sale is as refreshing as a fine rain.

While cutting my tree…


This Saturday, while cutting down my red cedar Christmas tree in upstate South Carolina, I sold my novel ANNIE DREAMING to a good friend of mine. She was going to order it from a local bookstore but changed her mind. [ Yes, I’d brought new copies of both ANNIE DREAMING and METAL MAN WALKING with me because another friend of mine told me, “Never go anywhere without a copy of your book to sell.” – That’s challenging, by the way since I’ve written two novels recently. ]

I discovered her friend borrowed her copy of METAL MAN WALKING to read, and loved it. She called it “an important book, although hard to read.” [ Hard to read, I gather, due to the subjects of homelessness and alcoholism. ] And now, she plans to borrow ANNIE DREAMING to read.

I hope she’ll spread the word. That’s what matters.




Annie Dreaming–A Parallel Story
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December 6, 2012 By J. Bickley “Music Man”

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Annie Dreaming, by Carley Eason Evans is a parallel story that goes with her first book, Metal Man Walking. Both books chronicle a segment in the lives of the Logan family. The focal point in Metal Man was Charlie, but this book centers more on Annie, his little sister, as well as his older brother, Rick. I’ll also say that both books stand alone as novels, not needing the other for understanding.By the time this book was over, I cared deeply about the characters in the book. I already cared about Charlie, because of Metal Man, but seeing the relationships between all of the members of this family made me care about them even more.

There are disturbing images in the tale, images of domestic abuse, and mindsets long outdated, that are almost chilling. The father in the story, Jim, has some serious issues that, unfortunately, translate into hardships for his children.

We also get some back story on their mother, Judith, who seems to be one who gravitates toward abusive relationships.

Annie has a supernatural way of communicating with Charlie, as he is missing from their lives after disappearing from Atlanta a number of years back. Charlie has some mental issues that result in his being dropped from his minor league baseball career. The title of the book seems to come from this communication process that Annie and Charlie share. Also included in this story are the horrors that Rick endures while a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Very chilling.

The ending of Annie Dreaming is bittersweet. All I’m going to say about it is that it leaves me wanting more. I’m not satisfied. And I guess that’s a good thing for Ms. Evans. She has done her job well.