Annie Dreaming–A Parallel Story
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December 6, 2012 By J. Bickley “Music Man”

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Annie Dreaming, by Carley Eason Evans is a parallel story that goes with her first book, Metal Man Walking. Both books chronicle a segment in the lives of the Logan family. The focal point in Metal Man was Charlie, but this book centers more on Annie, his little sister, as well as his older brother, Rick. I’ll also say that both books stand alone as novels, not needing the other for understanding.By the time this book was over, I cared deeply about the characters in the book. I already cared about Charlie, because of Metal Man, but seeing the relationships between all of the members of this family made me care about them even more.

There are disturbing images in the tale, images of domestic abuse, and mindsets long outdated, that are almost chilling. The father in the story, Jim, has some serious issues that, unfortunately, translate into hardships for his children.

We also get some back story on their mother, Judith, who seems to be one who gravitates toward abusive relationships.

Annie has a supernatural way of communicating with Charlie, as he is missing from their lives after disappearing from Atlanta a number of years back. Charlie has some mental issues that result in his being dropped from his minor league baseball career. The title of the book seems to come from this communication process that Annie and Charlie share. Also included in this story are the horrors that Rick endures while a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Very chilling.

The ending of Annie Dreaming is bittersweet. All I’m going to say about it is that it leaves me wanting more. I’m not satisfied. And I guess that’s a good thing for Ms. Evans. She has done her job well.


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