My Second Love

Today, during a much needed Starbucks break, I met Molly, an employee assistance specialist at the hospital.

She kindly asked me what I do. I told her that I am a speech pathologist. She said, “So you work with children.”

I shook my head that I don’t work with children. “I work with adults, here at the hospital.”


“Oh, extremely,” I said, with my usual big smile. Then, I think I’ll tell her more. I say, “It’s my second love.”

“Oh, what’s your first?”


“Oh, what do you write?”

I laugh, get out my silver business card case, open it. I say, “Never ask a writer what she writes; she’s liable to tell you.” I hand her my DooRFrame Books card, and tell her about METAL MAN WALKING and a little bit about ANNIE DREAMING.

She takes my card, smiles, tells me she writes, too. “Well,” she admits, “I aspire to write but I haven’t had any inspiration in over a year.”

I tell her about the discipline involved in writing. I tell her, “Write 1500 to 2000 words a day. Then you’ll be a writer. Just like that.”

She nods.

I ask her to consider purchasing my novels.

We shall see…

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