“I loved it…”

Yes, a colleague at work told me, “I finished ANNIE DREAMING and I loved it!”

“Oh, write a review for me, please.” ( I can’t help it… )

She hesitates. “Oh the reviews for your novels are so well-written; I don’t know how to write such reviews.”

I say, “Just write what you think. Just write, ‘I loved it.'”


Another Kindle Sale

Yay! A digital copy of METAL MAN WALKING sold ( today or perhaps yesterday ).

I can’t express how grateful I am to those of you ( out there somewhere ) who spend money to read my novels.

Thank you so very much.

Happy Reading!

A Surprise Sale

You probably think – ‘poor novelist; she’s only selling books now and then.’ 

Right now that’s true. Even one sale is exciting. I like to imagine the reader – someone I know or perhaps someone who will come to know me a little bit in the pages of my novels.

METAL MAN WALKING sold as a paperback – more power to the book in hand! – on Tuesday. Thanks reader(s)! Enjoy. 

And, don’t forget to write a review!

Marketing is tough, but sometimes fun!

Yesterday while paying for a pair of battleship grey – ugh – scrubs ( the color is required in the hospital where I work as a medical speech language pathologist ), the clerk mentioned the beautiful day – oh, it was! – and to enjoy it. I said that no, I was spending the afternoon writing and rewriting a chapter in my most recent novel. ( Yes, I write inside on beautiful days. )

I mentioned that my other novel, METAL MAN WALKING is featured ( as a blurb ) in the most recent issue of AZALEA magazine.

“Oh, you mean that one?” asked the clerk.

I turned. AZALEA magazines rested in a small stack on the other counter.

“Yes, that one!”

And I opened the magazine to show him, then practically begged him ( and the gal who waited on me and another woman who may own the store ) to buy a copy of METAL MAN WALKING.

They seemed very excited.

Azalea’s Spring Issue is out and about

ImageThe Spring issue of local magazine, AZALEA came out yesterday. I’d taken myself out to dinner, spied it at the restaurant ( it’s complimentary ), grabbed two copies, and headed home. Inside, I found a single page devoted to self-published books by local authors.

ImageBelow this nice description of how self-publishing has changed the world of writing, reading and yes – publishing, I found the short description of METAL MAN WALKING.

ImageSo, pick up a copy today. Just as AZALEA indicates, METAL MAN WALKING may be ordered from your local bookstore, purchased online at Amazon.com either in paperback or Kindle format.

Happy reading!