Marketing is tough, but sometimes fun!

Yesterday while paying for a pair of battleship grey – ugh – scrubs ( the color is required in the hospital where I work as a medical speech language pathologist ), the clerk mentioned the beautiful day – oh, it was! – and to enjoy it. I said that no, I was spending the afternoon writing and rewriting a chapter in my most recent novel. ( Yes, I write inside on beautiful days. )

I mentioned that my other novel, METAL MAN WALKING is featured ( as a blurb ) in the most recent issue of AZALEA magazine.

“Oh, you mean that one?” asked the clerk.

I turned. AZALEA magazines rested in a small stack on the other counter.

“Yes, that one!”

And I opened the magazine to show him, then practically begged him ( and the gal who waited on me and another woman who may own the store ) to buy a copy of METAL MAN WALKING.

They seemed very excited.


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