Annie Dreaming by Carley Evans

Once again, sharing M.T. Sweat’s wonderful words about me as a writer and about ANNIE DREAMING. Thanks M.T.

Resting in His Grace

By mid-year of 2011, I had become an avid fan of the convincingly positive and inspirational works of Carley Eason Evans. It is a rare trait that is found in her words; ceaseless care, compassion, and concern. The evidence of a life influenced by Christ flows through the ink of her pen… or keyboard.

I recall suggesting she consider carrying her work to another level, perhaps the publishing of a book. Straightforwardly, she assured me my coaxing wasn’t necessary. It was already in the works.

I personally felt Carley could provide us with a unique devotional to complement works like Chambers’ and Carson‘s. She traveled a very different road. Thankfully she went with her heart and not mine. While I still believe she can one day offer such a work, her gift to her readers today is fictional reality. It is very sufficient.

Her available titles are “Metal Man Walking” and “Annie Dreaming.”…

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Local author sells 5


“Local author book-signing” welcome on the sidewalk outside the front door of A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE today. 


And the entrance cubby where I sat or stood to sell my novels, METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING. 

I sold and signed five novels: four of METAL MAN WALKING and one of ANNIE DREAMING. 

I’m exhausted, but happy.

Second proof arrives

Typically, I’ve already read the first three chapters of the second proof of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY and have made changes, adding a short scene and changing words here and there.

The edit – an opportunity to polish and make the work better!