Annie Dreaming by Carley Evans

Once again, sharing M.T. Sweat’s wonderful words about me as a writer and about ANNIE DREAMING. Thanks M.T.

Resting in His Grace

By mid-year of 2011, I had become an avid fan of the convincingly positive and inspirational works of Carley Eason Evans. It is a rare trait that is found in her words; ceaseless care, compassion, and concern. The evidence of a life influenced by Christ flows through the ink of her pen… or keyboard.

I recall suggesting she consider carrying her work to another level, perhaps the publishing of a book. Straightforwardly, she assured me my coaxing wasn’t necessary. It was already in the works.

I personally felt Carley could provide us with a unique devotional to complement works like Chambers’ and Carson‘s. She traveled a very different road. Thankfully she went with her heart and not mine. While I still believe she can one day offer such a work, her gift to her readers today is fictional reality. It is very sufficient.

Her available titles are “Metal Man Walking” and “Annie Dreaming.”…

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