Proof ordered


Deciding to spend a little money up-front and order a second proof of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY, my latest novel – a novel I hesitantly designated as a ‘coming of age’ tale. Actually it’s a novel about a young boy who is unusually tall and also a genius, a boy whose dreams literally come true and who is physically effected by music – a boy who is more than he seems.

I’m looking forward to sharing my newest with you, my readers and friends.

No coincidences

This morning, I woke to rain. I had a book-signing planned at A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE on the square in Summerville. A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE is a local children’s bookstore which has hosted two other book-signings for me.

The owner sent an email to me this morning to let me know she would need to cancel today’s signing due to an illness of one of her staff.

I missed her e-mail, fortunately.

I show up and the bookstore is closed. But a young woman and a child stand outside – the rain has kindly stopped. The woman tells me that the owner said yesterday she would be there between 10 and 10:30 but then she was closing for “a private event.”

I think perhaps the owner has forgotten me. Not so.

I tell the young woman why I am there; she is there to buy a book.

She asks me about my novels. I tell her about METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING and within 10 minutes, she says, “I’m going to buy your books. I want both.”

We both are excited.

Yes, there are no coincidences. She says so, too.

58,000 plus

This morning, I sit on my couch re-reading and editing my novel, THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY. Today I have Tim speak with Samson about his hair. This short conversation is an addition to the book.

I’m having so much fun.