Two Sales

I sold 2 copies of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY today. One person paid me $16; the other didn’t pay me (at all)… Life is such a trade-off, isn’t it? I so appreciate the person who paid me more than I asked; and the person who misunderstood me and who was misunderstood by me as well.

At any rate, happy reading!

Sold a copy

This morning at my local Waffle House as I sit at the counter, I converse with a gentleman who sits next to me. He tells me he’s glad the rain is gone and that he has just dropped his son off at work. At the end of his meal, he takes my check to pay for it. I protest briefly then ask if he might enjoy reading my book.

Next thing I know, I’ve sold THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY to him.

I don’t ask full price, and sign it as I usually do.

A delightful moment in my day.



So far, I’ve sold 2 copies of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY to fellow WP bloggers and my friends. Thanks to Michael and Jeff for their continued support!

I sold 1 copy to my long-time neighbor and dear friend, Bob. Thanks Bob!

I sold 2 copies today to colleagues – 1 copy to B.; thanks B! And 1 copy to E., for R. Thanks E.

You are each appreciated.

Happy reading!