A Gift

Today, I gave a copy of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY to the man ( and to his wife ) who worked a miracle on my giant yard. The man and his son trimmed my hedges, cut down trees, trimmed tree limbs, mowed grass, carted away stuff, etc. There is still a bit more to do, but I am thrilled with what’s been accomplished so far.

Yes, he charged me a considerable amount of money, but…

I gave him THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY because his wife “loves to read” and as a nurse, she used to “do heart surgery.”

Here’s trusting they’ll enjoy my novel.

An Expression of Interest, A Purchase, and A Like

Today, a young woman asked me if I was a writer. She stopped me and said, “I don’t know if it’s you, but someone told me that you write.” She wanted to know what I’ve written because she wants to be a writer herself. I gave her written information on how to contact me and how to purchase my books.

Another person wrote on my FB wall that her daughter has just ordered THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY.

And, as I was leaving work, a friend stopped me to say she finished reading THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY on her vacation and that she loved it. She loved the ending!

What a nice day!

SC Artisans’ Center in Walterboro

Drove to Walterboro this afternoon with my friend, bought a print of a fish ( the artist takes a real fish, puts ink on it, wraps it in special – usually rice – paper and… well you get the idea ).  While there, I SOLD a copy of METAL MAN WALKING to one of the storekeepers. She thinks it might be a good read for her book club!

Here’s to that!

I also stopped at Single Smile Cafe to set up another book-signing for October 5th 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Like wanting people to enjoy your children…

If you’re a parent, you probably know ( I’d be shocked otherwise ) what I mean when I say I want people to enjoy my children ( they are grown now so it’s not exactly the same as when they were young ).

If you create art, you probably know what I mean by the title of this post.

I enjoy my novels so very much that I find it difficult not to show my enthusiasm for them. I so want others to read and enjoy them as much ( or more ) than I do.


My cozy spot in the shade outside SINGLE SMILE CAFE. I sold four of my novels this morning. I also met many patrons of the coffee shop and enjoyed conversing with them. Except for the humidity and the heat, a wonderful morning.IMG_1223


A Great Take on a Modern Trouble, July 31, 2013

This review is from: Metal Man Walking (Paperback)

Really, a book about a homeless man? How good could it be? But I bought Metal Man Walking because Carley is my friend and I wanted to read my friend’s book.

Honestly, it sat on my shelf for quite a while until one dull, rainy Sunday afternoon. I had nothing better to do, so I figured I’d read a couple chapters. After those couple chapters I was still turning pages . . . straight through to the end.

I was thoroughly amazed at Carley’s development of her main character and his life, where he came from, his relationships, his potential and his reasons for being homeless. Carley weaves the story from the present to the past and back. You meet his family, his baseball buddies, his friends, and most importantly his sister with whom he has a special connection that keeps him going when times are really difficult.

When I closed the book, slowly, I had been touched by Chuck and his hardships, his strength of character, and most especially by his choices.

This is a great story of the trials of modern times. Read it!