Could Not Put This Book Down

I wish to write a review of Metal Man Walking, set in Charleston, SC, my city. The freedom that the character searches for is no less than any of us on a given day. I loved the description of the surroundings, as if you are walking with the character.

The challenges and struggle to survive are not emphasized as much as the love the character has for his siblings. I could not put this book down and when finished reading , wanted the book to go on.

– Cheryl H.


Mesmerized by THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading the 8 Foot Boy. I was mesmerized from page 1 and felt that I understood the feelings that the main character had toward life, his parents and toward himself.
This is a very easy read and will enhance any weekend. I want to give credit to Carley for her imagination and creative spirit that is evident in this book.

The 8 Foot Boy would make an exceptional gift to anyone.”

Cheryl H.

An E-Mail Request for More Books

Today I receive an e-mail from C.H. She asks me if I am well and if perchance I am writing another novel. She also indicates she wants “more books.” She wants to buy 2 of my novels to send to a friend who is presently overseas.

I am thrilled.

I respond. She buys a copy of METAL MAN WALKING and a copy of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY. I sign and date both copies. She’s mailing them to her friend. She says she knows “he’ll love them.”

She also tells me she is a “number one” fan of my writing. I tell her she makes my day – my month!

She can’t wait for AFTER JEWEL.

Talk about new motivation!!!