“Oh, Carley I’m…

A true “mini-review” of METAL MAN WALKING, my first novel.

"Metal Man Walking" : a novel

“Oh, Carley I’m enjoying your book. I’m about halfway through it.”


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Once again, I posted this to the wrong blog…
I also sold 2 copies of my latest novel, GANI & SEAN the same evening.

Grace Partakers

Tonight at THE FINISHING TOUCH in downtown Summerville, South Carolina during the Third Thursday event, I sold —

1 copy of AFTER JEWEL



No one purchased THE EIGHT FOOT BOY which is one of my favorites.

All in all, a productive evening.

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First Review of GANI & SEAN

Check out GANI & SEAN by R Jack Winter.


5.0 out of 5 stars Never Slows Down, June 14, 2014
This review is from: Gani & Sean (Paperback)
First off, there are no “good guys” in this novel!Gani and Sean are assassins. Gani is the guy and Sean is the girl. Both of them have, at one time, worked for Kristoff Koczella, a drug kingpin from Chicago. As this crazy, fast-paced thriller opens, Sean is on assignment from Koczella (known not-so-affectionately as “The Cock” by his employees) to kill Gani, because he thinks Gani has stolen product from him.

The problem is, Sean was once trained by Gani, and, when she realizes who her target is, is unable to complete the job. She misses on purpose, and he gets away. Koczella immediately puts a hit out on Sean, as well as another…

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AFTER JEWEL read-through 6 months later

I published AFTER JEWEL on Christmas Day, 2013 — almost immediately made some corrections and re-published it a few days later — I’ve had very positive feedback from the few who’ve read the novel, but several comments about my main character have bothered me. I won’t tell — don’t worry. Spoilers drive me crazy.

However, I will say that I read through AFTER JEWEL Thursday night and Friday morning ( it’s a short book ) and I did get bogged down in one spot that a reader mentioned, but the feelings toward the main character elude me.

I would say more, but then my comments would indeed spoil the book for anyone who might pick it up for a quick, satisfying read.

I discovered the novel works for me, still.

A Question

This morning at Cracker Barrel the cashier asked me — after I paid my bill for my breakfast — if my books are at the public library.

I encouraged her to request my books at our local library.

All of you reading this post — want to read my novels for FREE? Ask your library to carry them!