A Little Story behind the story of THE ONLY THING

We are sitting in Waffle House, perusing an issue of THE ECONOMIST. I spot an article about drug gang violence and murder rates in Mexico and South America. The article mentions a 70 year old woman who hires a hit man to exact revenge on a group of thugs after the gang breaks her grandson’s arm because she refuses to pay protection money to the cartel.

I start a novel that evening, but it comes to nothing. I can’t wrap my mind around ‘the rest of the story.’

Until, that is, I write GANI & SEAN, my novel about assassins.

Once I have my assassin created, the story of the grandmother in Mexico becomes THE ONLY THING: BOOK TWO: GANI & SEAN.

Okay, get ready for Christmas!

I’m calling out —

I’m trying not to shout — 

Or rhyme for that matter.

But, Christmas is in my sights — as soon as the first hint of cool weather comes down from the north, I think “Christmas is coming!”

My novels make great Christmas presents! I say this wholeheartedly because they are well-written, relatively easy to read, and rewarding in so many ways.

Take a chance —

Buy a DooRFrame Book.