Three Novels Sold

So today I get a page from a nurse at work; he has his checkbook and wants to buy my novels. 

“Which ones?” I ask.

He says he’s not sure.

I am just leaving to head to THIRD THURSDAY book signing in Summerville. I say, “You know, I’m going to sign books. Why don’t I come over and sell you my novels?”

And that’s what I do. He buys GANI & SEAN and another of my books. Then he helps me sell METAL MAN WALKING to another nurse who happens by. He talks my books up; he is such a fan!

How lovely.

At THIRD THURSDAY a bit later, I don’t sell any books but I peak the interest of several people.

All in all, a nice day of sharing my works.

Thanks to my readers and my small but slowly growing fan base!


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