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AFTER JEWEL by Carley Eason Evans

Another Re-Write of AFTER JEWEL

Just uploaded another re-write of AFTER JEWEL; awaiting proof. I’m excited this novel continues to grow — it appears to get better each time I tackle it. 

AFTER JEWEL is an important work for me in that it is based on my grandmother and on my family — loosely, to say the least. However, the emotion within the book is true.

I hope it will touch you as it touches me.

“Packs a terrific wallop” — A Mini-review of AFTER JEWEL and of the writer

From a fan via email:
“After a long hiatus I got back to After Jewel this evening.  I read Chapters 5, 6 and 7.  When I got to the end of 7 I was so deeply moved that I had to put your book aside.  I couldn’t see the pages anyway from the tears in my eyes.  Even now, writing this to you I have to blink them back.
All three of those chapters are deeply engaging… (Spoiler omitted)…
Your writing is, in many places, exceptional in its ability empathically to engage the reader.  Your dialogue–simple, descriptive, spare, honest–still packs a terrific wallop.”

Mini-project: the re-write of AFTER JEWEL

I’ve been struggling with my short novel, AFTER JEWEL which I published on Christmas Day, 2013. This novel is dear to my heart and yet I know it’s flawed. I’m working on a portion of Jules’ childhood to interject Jewel more than in the original edition. 

I plan to work on this ‘update’ to AFTER JEWEL this weekend and hope to have the 2nd edition out before the beginning of September.