Three Novels Sold

So today I get a page from a nurse at work; he has his checkbook and wants to buy my novels. 

“Which ones?” I ask.

He says he’s not sure.

I am just leaving to head to THIRD THURSDAY book signing in Summerville. I say, “You know, I’m going to sign books. Why don’t I come over and sell you my novels?”

And that’s what I do. He buys GANI & SEAN and another of my books. Then he helps me sell METAL MAN WALKING to another nurse who happens by. He talks my books up; he is such a fan!

How lovely.

At THIRD THURSDAY a bit later, I don’t sell any books but I peak the interest of several people.

All in all, a nice day of sharing my works.

Thanks to my readers and my small but slowly growing fan base!

Third Thursday

Sold one book yesterday evening at THIRD THURSDAY in Summerville. Met another author from out west who is writing a book on Alzheimer’s disease — a worthy undertaking — and sold GANI & SEAN to a man who likes to read.

Drank a little wine, a little beer, ate 2 grapes, a half of a chocolate covered strawberry, 3 corn chips, and a bite of Brie.

Although I hate selling, I had a pleasant 2 1/2 hours as I played carnival hawker to my novels — by the end, my voice was a tad raspy to say the least.


Once again, I posted this to the wrong blog…
I also sold 2 copies of my latest novel, GANI & SEAN the same evening.

Grace Partakers

Tonight at THE FINISHING TOUCH in downtown Summerville, South Carolina during the Third Thursday event, I sold —

1 copy of AFTER JEWEL



No one purchased THE EIGHT FOOT BOY which is one of my favorites.

All in all, a productive evening.

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Little successes

Dropped off three copies each of METAL MAN WALKING and THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY to the shop downtown Summerville named The Finishing Touch; at the same time spoke with a lovely lady about my novels and about two book clubs she belongs to in the area. Also picked up a commission check from the owner of The Finishing Touch and cash from a sale made since my Third Thursday visit in April. 

Actually brought home some “bacon” today. Of course, the leavings are minuscule but tasty nevertheless.

Oh Carley I loved your book…

Those 6 words are some of the best a writer ( named Carley ) can hear – “Oh Carley, I loved your book and oh, so did my friend.”

“Which one did you read?”

“METAL MAN WALKING. I just loved it — the man walking North Chuck ( that’s North Charleston ) and his love of baseball when he was a kid. I just loved it. I want to read all your books.” He pauses, adds, “You write like a guy — you know, for guys.”

I smile. He’s right about that!


Earlier, a different guy says a similar thing, “I’m loving your book.”

“Which one did you buy? I forget.”


“Oh yes; well when you finish it, you need to read METAL MAN WALKING. They go together.”

“Oh, okay,” he says. “That sounds great.”

Unsolicited Praise

I received an email from my mother, then from my father informing me that a professor at the college where my father worked for thirty-two years was “very complimentary” of my first novel, METAL MAN WALKING.

My father also informed me that this compliment was “unsolicited” and that this form of praise “is the very best kind.”


I’m Ready for You to Buy My Book

That’s what I say to an acquaintance today – “Hey _________!” I sit down beside her, touch her shoulder lightly, smile, say, “I’m ready for you to buy one of my books.”

She smiles back, says, “Do you have one with you?”

“Yes I do,” I say. “Do you have $10?”

She smiles again, pulls out two crumpled five dollar bills. She asks, “Which one should I get?”

I suggest METAL MAN WALKING. She nods.

I get the book; she gives me the ten dollars. I sign the copy and hand it over. Another woman picks it up, peruses the cover. As usual, I feel a tad guilty but I’m happy to have another reader.

Sold 2 Copies and Got 1 Review

Today I sold 2 copies of my new novel AFTER JEWEL. Once again, thoroughly enjoyed signing each to my reader. 

Later, heard a wonderful review of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY. The man said he read it in “three days which is not like me.” He continued, “I really like this one a lot. I don’t know; I related to it. But I do like METAL MAN WALKING too.”

So gratifying to hear.