Promoting your books is like climbing your own private mountain

Book promotion is a pain in the _______ (insert your fav descriptor here).

Book promotion is — for me — like climbing my own private mountain, a mountain no one has climbed before me with no footholds or handholds outlined in chalk residue, no hardware previously hammered into the rock face, no clear path above.

This mountain is stark, barren, unloved.

I climb it one movement at a time, ever upward.

Each sale or give-a-way or donation — yes, donation! — is movement in the correct direction, toward the summit.

If I ever summit, I’ll admire the view.

Third Thursday

Third Thursday in Summerville, South Carolina is an opportunity. The small downtown area shops remain open until 8 pm and a street fair ensues. Unfortunately, last night, a rain – hard and a bit cold – blew into town.

I had a ‘book-signing’ at our only local bookstore – A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE – which is a beautiful children’s place of reading.

I connected with at least 16 people, but no one purchased a book. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself.

Times are tough.

While cutting my tree…


This Saturday, while cutting down my red cedar Christmas tree in upstate South Carolina, I sold my novel ANNIE DREAMING to a good friend of mine. She was going to order it from a local bookstore but changed her mind. [ Yes, I’d brought new copies of both ANNIE DREAMING and METAL MAN WALKING with me because another friend of mine told me, “Never go anywhere without a copy of your book to sell.” – That’s challenging, by the way since I’ve written two novels recently. ]

I discovered her friend borrowed her copy of METAL MAN WALKING to read, and loved it. She called it “an important book, although hard to read.” [ Hard to read, I gather, due to the subjects of homelessness and alcoholism. ] And now, she plans to borrow ANNIE DREAMING to read.

I hope she’ll spread the word. That’s what matters.




Annie Dreaming–A Parallel Story
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December 6, 2012 By J. Bickley “Music Man”

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Annie Dreaming, by Carley Eason Evans is a parallel story that goes with her first book, Metal Man Walking. Both books chronicle a segment in the lives of the Logan family. The focal point in Metal Man was Charlie, but this book centers more on Annie, his little sister, as well as his older brother, Rick. I’ll also say that both books stand alone as novels, not needing the other for understanding.By the time this book was over, I cared deeply about the characters in the book. I already cared about Charlie, because of Metal Man, but seeing the relationships between all of the members of this family made me care about them even more.

There are disturbing images in the tale, images of domestic abuse, and mindsets long outdated, that are almost chilling. The father in the story, Jim, has some serious issues that, unfortunately, translate into hardships for his children.

We also get some back story on their mother, Judith, who seems to be one who gravitates toward abusive relationships.

Annie has a supernatural way of communicating with Charlie, as he is missing from their lives after disappearing from Atlanta a number of years back. Charlie has some mental issues that result in his being dropped from his minor league baseball career. The title of the book seems to come from this communication process that Annie and Charlie share. Also included in this story are the horrors that Rick endures while a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Very chilling.

The ending of Annie Dreaming is bittersweet. All I’m going to say about it is that it leaves me wanting more. I’m not satisfied. And I guess that’s a good thing for Ms. Evans. She has done her job well.

A “Mini” Review of ANNIE DREAMING

“BTW, “Annie Dreaming” is excellent. I was detained from getting into it, but am now about half way… this is one really good write. Hoping to finish it over the next couple of days, and will submit reviews and an ad here. If one wasn’t willing to give Charlie a fair shake in MMW, they will find themselves humbled after learning of these contributing details in AD. Also, love the carry-in to Nam and Rick. Way to go, good friend!”

– Michael Sweat, friend and fellow blogger


Book Signing

I have a book signing scheduled for December 20th 7pm-8pm at A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE in downtown Summerville, South Carolina.

I’ll have copies of METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING available for purchase.

Come on out; it’s THIRD THURSDAY and generally a roaring good time in Summerville.

A Hat!

As I mentioned in a previous post, advertising is on clothing. I asked whether a tee or a hat is the better clothing for an ad. I received no response, although 2 people did take a moment to like my post. So, I decided to use a hat!

A Hat or A Tee?

Advertising is on clothes! I advertise my primary ( isn’t that what WordPress calls it? ) blog GRACE PARTAKERS on a baseball cap! I’m thinking of DooRFrame Books either on a cap or a tee. Probably not much ‘bang’ for the buck, but handing out ‘business’ cards doesn’t appear to work well either.

Begging people to buy a novel is rather lame, too.

So, hat or tee?