Another Amazon Sale

Sometimes rain is so refreshing – a hard rain, yes; but also a sprinkling that coats the sidewalk with dark wetness then dissipates.

METAL MAN WALKING sales are not a deluge, but a sprinkle.

Still, each sale is as refreshing as a fine rain.


Annie Dreaming–A Parallel Story
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December 6, 2012 By J. Bickley “Music Man”

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Annie Dreaming, by Carley Eason Evans is a parallel story that goes with her first book, Metal Man Walking. Both books chronicle a segment in the lives of the Logan family. The focal point in Metal Man was Charlie, but this book centers more on Annie, his little sister, as well as his older brother, Rick. I’ll also say that both books stand alone as novels, not needing the other for understanding.By the time this book was over, I cared deeply about the characters in the book. I already cared about Charlie, because of Metal Man, but seeing the relationships between all of the members of this family made me care about them even more.

There are disturbing images in the tale, images of domestic abuse, and mindsets long outdated, that are almost chilling. The father in the story, Jim, has some serious issues that, unfortunately, translate into hardships for his children.

We also get some back story on their mother, Judith, who seems to be one who gravitates toward abusive relationships.

Annie has a supernatural way of communicating with Charlie, as he is missing from their lives after disappearing from Atlanta a number of years back. Charlie has some mental issues that result in his being dropped from his minor league baseball career. The title of the book seems to come from this communication process that Annie and Charlie share. Also included in this story are the horrors that Rick endures while a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Very chilling.

The ending of Annie Dreaming is bittersweet. All I’m going to say about it is that it leaves me wanting more. I’m not satisfied. And I guess that’s a good thing for Ms. Evans. She has done her job well.

Writing Fast

I’ve never been a speed-reader, never went to an inspirational talk on speed-reading and its value in mowing through books. Now I find I’m still not a speed-reader, but I am indeed a speed writer.

I’ve not considered myself an OCD, but when it comes to a novel in process, I believe ‘obsessive’ fits me to a ‘T’.

Prolific? No, I’ve not been prolific in my lifetime. But, I believe I am now heading toward that description. Know, dear reader, that just because I write fast and a lot, does not diminish the quality of my writing.

I work hard. For example, over this weekend I perhaps spent close to 24 of those 48 hours writing, editing, proofing, reading my current work.

Pick up a copy of ANNIE DREAMING or METAL MAN WALKING. I’m a starving artist.

16,900 words

Here on the morning of the sixth day of NaNoWriMo 2012, I am safely close to 17,000 words in my novel.

Cheer me on!

Buy a copy of either METAL MAN WALKING or ANNIE DREAMING at

Or, if you’ve already read either or both, write a review! Many blessings to you, friends and fellow readers, writers, bloggers, photographers, artists, people.

First Review

“I highly recommend this book! It has been a long time since I’ve read a book that I didn’t want to put down, ANNIE DREAMING kept me up until nearly midnight. Carley has a wonderful way of putting into words the love and yet tension that happens in a family dynamic over time. I can picture each event as I read the words on the pages. Can’t wait to read some more today!!”

– Debra Carlson

On Being Approached!

Today – at the very end of my day – a nurse at the hospital where I work who bought and read and loved METAL MAN WALKING saw me at the same time I saw her. I told her, “I’ve published ANNIE DREAMING.” And, she said, “I saw you earlier. I wondered. I started to stop you but I didn’t want to pressure you.”

She didn’t want to pressure me! Amazing!

Marketing my novels is not my forte. That this nurse was worried about approaching me in the same manner I’m wary of approaching potential customers is so gratifying.

And yes, she bought a copy of ANNIE DREAMING!


Why I Gave Up My Kindle

Today, I met a woman in the parking lot of WalMart. She and the man with her – perhaps her brother, more likely her husband – were reading the many bumper stickers I have on the back end of my Scion XA. She explained herself as I approached, “We’re reading your stickers.”

I piped up, “You should read my novels.”

She looked at me with interest. You can tell; it’s in the body language. The body says, I’m interested. Or the body says, Oh please; I’m not interested.

I told her about METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING, the two novels – in parallel – that form the DooRFrame Books.

Later, after we shook hands and she told me her name, as she was walking away I shouted out, “And no, they’re not on Kindle.”

She laughed.

Why are my novels not on Kindle?

I have an example. Writers I know and writers I don’t know self-publish their books. They set various list-prices. One writer I know wrote a novel that’s list-priced at $17.95, another writer’s book I know is list-priced at $12.99. Mine are $14.50. Amazon Digital Press sets the prices for digital books that become available on the Kindle. The novel that is list-priced $17.95 in paperback form is priced by ADP at $1.19 giving the author pennies for a royalty.

I’m not keen on making pennies for my work. I’m not arrogant; I’m actually humbled to even be able to sell a novel. But, I resist the temptation to sell more for less.

I think I’ll keep writing, keep self-publishing, keep polishing my work until it just shines so much that it sells a little more.

Here’s to hope!