Why I Gave Up My Kindle

Today, I met a woman in the parking lot of WalMart. She and the man with her – perhaps her brother, more likely her husband – were reading the many bumper stickers I have on the back end of my Scion XA. She explained herself as I approached, “We’re reading your stickers.”

I piped up, “You should read my novels.”

She looked at me with interest. You can tell; it’s in the body language. The body says, I’m interested. Or the body says, Oh please; I’m not interested.

I told her about METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING, the two novels – in parallel – that form the DooRFrame Books.

Later, after we shook hands and she told me her name, as she was walking away I shouted out, “And no, they’re not on Kindle.”

She laughed.

Why are my novels not on Kindle?

I have an example. Writers I know and writers I don’t know self-publish their books. They set various list-prices. One writer I know wrote a novel that’s list-priced at $17.95, another writer’s book I know is list-priced at $12.99. Mine are $14.50. Amazon Digital Press sets the prices for digital books that become available on the Kindle. The novel that is list-priced $17.95 in paperback form is priced by ADP at $1.19 giving the author pennies for a royalty.

I’m not keen on making pennies for my work. I’m not arrogant; I’m actually humbled to even be able to sell a novel. But, I resist the temptation to sell more for less.

I think I’ll keep writing, keep self-publishing, keep polishing my work until it just shines so much that it sells a little more.

Here’s to hope!