Just Sold 2 Books!

Sold 2 books to my neighbor down the street – she purchased ANNIE DREAMING and METAL MAN WALKING. I discounted them, calling them a “set.” Instead of $29 dollars, the “set” was $25 dollars.

Very nice to speak with her; and wonderful to sell my novels to her!

A Hat!

As I mentioned in a previous post, advertising is on clothing. I asked whether a tee or a hat is the better clothing for an ad. I received no response, although 2 people did take a moment to like my post. So, I decided to use a hat!

A Hat or A Tee?

Advertising is on clothes! I advertise my primary ( isn’t that what WordPress calls it? ) blog GRACE PARTAKERS on a baseball cap! I’m thinking of DooRFrame Books either on a cap or a tee. Probably not much ‘bang’ for the buck, but handing out ‘business’ cards doesn’t appear to work well either.

Begging people to buy a novel is rather lame, too.

So, hat or tee?