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AFTER JEWEL by Carley Eason Evans

Another Amazon sale

I don’t know why I cross my fingers sometimes. I did so tonight when I checked Createspace to see if perhaps I’d sold another book this week. Lo and behold, I did! I sold another copy of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY earlier in the week. Now I only need one more sale this month to get paid the royalties owed to me at the end of next month.

Happy Reading!



Today, at work, I casually asked a friend who’d read METAL MAN WALKING (and loved it) if he was ready to read ANNIE DREAMING. He said that he was indeed. I mentioned that I happened to have a copy. 

He bought it!

At the same time, another colleague of his and mine asked about my novels. She’s planning to purchase 2 of METAL MAN WALKING and 2 of ANNIE DREAMING (in paperback!). I gave her a discount code for my e-Store (that’s my policy – buy the ‘set’, get a discount!)

What a nice day…

You Know Things Are Slow When…

Tonight I noticed that I sold a copy of METAL MAN WALKING through “expanded distribution” – meaning, I gather, that a bookstore or library purchased that copy. The royalty on this is lousy, but it’s still exciting.

Also, today a colleague of mine stated, “I finished ANNIE DREAMING. I like it better than METAL MAN WALKING. It read better for me. I liked the telepathy in it.”

The whole feedback thing – the positive comments – just keeps me going, as a writer and lately as a person, too.

Thanks everyone!

16,900 words

Here on the morning of the sixth day of NaNoWriMo 2012, I am safely close to 17,000 words in my novel.

Cheer me on!

Buy a copy of either METAL MAN WALKING or ANNIE DREAMING at

Or, if you’ve already read either or both, write a review! Many blessings to you, friends and fellow readers, writers, bloggers, photographers, artists, people.

First Review

“I highly recommend this book! It has been a long time since I’ve read a book that I didn’t want to put down, ANNIE DREAMING kept me up until nearly midnight. Carley has a wonderful way of putting into words the love and yet tension that happens in a family dynamic over time. I can picture each event as I read the words on the pages. Can’t wait to read some more today!!”

– Debra Carlson

Asking Azalea

Azalea Magazine is a free but slick, advertisement-packed, beautiful seasonal magazine about Summerville, South Carolina. I’d love a feature – ah ha! – in one of the future issues! Even a short excerpt of either METAL MAN WALKING or ANNIE DREAMING would be wonderful.

Better yet, a well-written, crisp review of one or both!

Here’s to dreams.