Coffee and conversation

Writing is a solitary activity… and sedentary!

This morning, I wrote 2000+ words on THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY at a local coffee shop with two other women, one a writer like I am, another a friend of the other writer. We drank coffee, talked, and wrote.

Three hours later, I’d reached 48,886 words.

5,000 + Words

I can’t sleep.

So, I get up, grab my computer and write more on my novel, THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY. Today, I wrote more than 5,000 words.

My total word count is 23,609.

Tim has just confided in Scott that music that comes from vinyl records knocks him down, “right on my ass!”

An Earlier Sale

Yesterday, I called a friend of mine who lives in another city to thank her for her Christmas present. 

She told me she’d purchased 2 copies of ANNIE DREAMING, probably in November. She is going to “give one to the library” and is reading the other.

What a lovely woman!