58,000 plus

This morning, I sit on my couch re-reading and editing my novel, THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY. Today I have Tim speak with Samson about his hair. This short conversation is an addition to the book.

I’m having so much fun.

Coffee and conversation

Writing is a solitary activity… and sedentary!

This morning, I wrote 2000+ words on THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY at a local coffee shop with two other women, one a writer like I am, another a friend of the other writer. We drank coffee, talked, and wrote.

Three hours later, I’d reached 48,886 words.

In lieu of chapter names

This morning, with fog lifting and coffee in hand and tummy, I sit down to write the end of Chapter 33 in THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY. My word count ended last night and begins this morning at 42,006.

I’ve had difficulty coming up with Chapter names with this book – for an unexplained, not understood reason – so all my Chapters start with a big number center top page. This seems a common device in many novels, but I want and hope to arrive at a proper title for each Chapter.

So, without further adieu, I’m off to write…