Oh Carley I loved your book…

Those 6 words are some of the best a writer ( named Carley ) can hear – “Oh Carley, I loved your book and oh, so did my friend.”

“Which one did you read?”

“METAL MAN WALKING. I just loved it — the man walking North Chuck ( that’s North Charleston ) and his love of baseball when he was a kid. I just loved it. I want to read all your books.” He pauses, adds, “You write like a guy — you know, for guys.”

I smile. He’s right about that!


Earlier, a different guy says a similar thing, “I’m loving your book.”

“Which one did you buy? I forget.”


“Oh yes; well when you finish it, you need to read METAL MAN WALKING. They go together.”

“Oh, okay,” he says. “That sounds great.”

Like wanting people to enjoy your children…

If you’re a parent, you probably know ( I’d be shocked otherwise ) what I mean when I say I want people to enjoy my children ( they are grown now so it’s not exactly the same as when they were young ).

If you create art, you probably know what I mean by the title of this post.

I enjoy my novels so very much that I find it difficult not to show my enthusiasm for them. I so want others to read and enjoy them as much ( or more ) than I do.


Once again, thanks to the person who purchased METAL MAN WALKING for their Kindle or Kindle app.

Happy reading!

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“I loved it…”

Yes, a colleague at work told me, “I finished ANNIE DREAMING and I loved it!”

“Oh, write a review for me, please.” ( I can’t help it… )

She hesitates. “Oh the reviews for your novels are so well-written; I don’t know how to write such reviews.”

I say, “Just write what you think. Just write, ‘I loved it.'”

Another Kindle Sale

Yay! A digital copy of METAL MAN WALKING sold ( today or perhaps yesterday ).

I can’t express how grateful I am to those of you ( out there somewhere ) who spend money to read my novels.

Thank you so very much.

Happy Reading!

My Second Love

Today, during a much needed Starbucks break, I met Molly, an employee assistance specialist at the hospital.

She kindly asked me what I do. I told her that I am a speech pathologist. She said, “So you work with children.”

I shook my head that I don’t work with children. “I work with adults, here at the hospital.”


“Oh, extremely,” I said, with my usual big smile. Then, I think I’ll tell her more. I say, “It’s my second love.”

“Oh, what’s your first?”


“Oh, what do you write?”

I laugh, get out my silver business card case, open it. I say, “Never ask a writer what she writes; she’s liable to tell you.” I hand her my DooRFrame Books card, and tell her about METAL MAN WALKING and a little bit about ANNIE DREAMING.

She takes my card, smiles, tells me she writes, too. “Well,” she admits, “I aspire to write but I haven’t had any inspiration in over a year.”

I tell her about the discipline involved in writing. I tell her, “Write 1500 to 2000 words a day. Then you’ll be a writer. Just like that.”

She nods.

I ask her to consider purchasing my novels.

We shall see…