From the back of my car, I sold a copy of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY to a person I met at a Low Country Boil. I’d sat with her mother and we talked of how we both went to college in Ohio, about our lives in this beautiful region of the world and then I mentioned that I am a novelist.

When her daughter arrived, we spoke of character development in novels, about where ideas come from and I gave her a little information about my writing process.

She expressed an interest in AFTER JEWEL. I told her I probably had a copy in my car. Later, as I was leaving, she initiated that she’d like to buy one of my novels. I said, “Well let’s see what I’ve got with me.”

In a box in my car, I showed her METAL MAN WALKING, THE ONLY THING ( which is a sequel to GANI & SEAN but I had no copy of GANI & SEAN and she’d need to read it first, so…), AFTER JEWEL ( an earlier edition ) and THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY. She expressed an interest in reading the re-write of AFTER JEWEL ( which makes sense ) and so she purchased THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY.

One of the easiest sales I’ve made.

I Hate Selling

Today at the doctor’s office – on my first visit, I bring my proof of AFTER JEWEL, my newest novel in process. I point it out to him toward the end of our visit when he asks me about my grandparents, how they died, when they died. I mention my paternal grandfather, how he “chain smokes and works outside in sunshine” himself to death. Then I point to my book, say, “I’m writing about him and my grandmother right now.”

“Are you?”

“I am.”

I’m like a little kid with a favorite toy. I want to show it off.

The doctor, who I’ve just met, asks me if I’ve written other novels.

“Oh yes,” I say. I proceed to tell him about THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY. The doctor mentions discovering an aortic aneurysm in a young man with Marfan syndrome. I tell him about my main character, who happens to have Marfan syndrome.

“Perhaps you’d like to buy my book.”

The doctor sidesteps this skillfully, completely changing the subject.

I confront him in my typical joking manner, “I like the way you dodged that.”

He laughs.

I give him my business card – yes, I carry a business card! He takes it, says he’ll have to check my novels out, get a signed copy. Here he has slipped up. I say, “Oh then you should buy one now. I can sign it right now. And it’s only $10 if you get it today.”

Ten minutes later, I’m signing THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY to my new physician.

Goodness, I hate selling.

An E-Mail Request for More Books

Today I receive an e-mail from C.H. She asks me if I am well and if perchance I am writing another novel. She also indicates she wants “more books.” She wants to buy 2 of my novels to send to a friend who is presently overseas.

I am thrilled.

I respond. She buys a copy of METAL MAN WALKING and a copy of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY. I sign and date both copies. She’s mailing them to her friend. She says she knows “he’ll love them.”

She also tells me she is a “number one” fan of my writing. I tell her she makes my day – my month!

She can’t wait for AFTER JEWEL.

Talk about new motivation!!!

Another Amazon sale

I don’t know why I cross my fingers sometimes. I did so tonight when I checked Createspace to see if perhaps I’d sold another book this week. Lo and behold, I did! I sold another copy of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY earlier in the week. Now I only need one more sale this month to get paid the royalties owed to me at the end of next month.

Happy Reading!


After a late morning lunch

After a late morning lunch of Chicken Satay and Jasmine tea, my friend and I went to the local wine bar and enjoyed several half-glasses of white and red wines. Then, we parted company. Walking back to my car, I spotted a sign outside a local clothing shop with chalk words “Book Signing Today.” I strolled in to greet the author, and speak to him.

He wasn’t selling his novels today, but a coffee table (gift) book of his articles from years of writing for the local newspaper. I’m not much interested in this kind of work, so I took his card. And he bought a copy of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY which I signed. I still love doing that – signing my novel is so much fun.

Happy Reading, everyone!