After a late morning lunch

After a late morning lunch of Chicken Satay and Jasmine tea, my friend and I went to the local wine bar and enjoyed several half-glasses of white and red wines. Then, we parted company. Walking back to my car, I spotted a sign outside a local clothing shop with chalk words “Book Signing Today.” I strolled in to greet the author, and speak to him.

He wasn’t selling his novels today, but a coffee table (gift) book of his articles from years of writing for the local newspaper. I’m not much interested in this kind of work, so I took his card. And he bought a copy of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY which I signed. I still love doing that – signing my novel is so much fun.

Happy Reading, everyone!

Marketing is tough, but sometimes fun!

Yesterday while paying for a pair of battleship grey – ugh – scrubs ( the color is required in the hospital where I work as a medical speech language pathologist ), the clerk mentioned the beautiful day – oh, it was! – and to enjoy it. I said that no, I was spending the afternoon writing and rewriting a chapter in my most recent novel. ( Yes, I write inside on beautiful days. )

I mentioned that my other novel, METAL MAN WALKING is featured ( as a blurb ) in the most recent issue of AZALEA magazine.

“Oh, you mean that one?” asked the clerk.

I turned. AZALEA magazines rested in a small stack on the other counter.

“Yes, that one!”

And I opened the magazine to show him, then practically begged him ( and the gal who waited on me and another woman who may own the store ) to buy a copy of METAL MAN WALKING.

They seemed very excited.

Third Thursday

Third Thursday in Summerville, South Carolina is an opportunity. The small downtown area shops remain open until 8 pm and a street fair ensues. Unfortunately, last night, a rain – hard and a bit cold – blew into town.

I had a ‘book-signing’ at our only local bookstore – A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE – which is a beautiful children’s place of reading.

I connected with at least 16 people, but no one purchased a book. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself.

Times are tough.

While cutting my tree…


This Saturday, while cutting down my red cedar Christmas tree in upstate South Carolina, I sold my novel ANNIE DREAMING to a good friend of mine. She was going to order it from a local bookstore but changed her mind. [ Yes, I’d brought new copies of both ANNIE DREAMING and METAL MAN WALKING with me because another friend of mine told me, “Never go anywhere without a copy of your book to sell.” – That’s challenging, by the way since I’ve written two novels recently. ]

I discovered her friend borrowed her copy of METAL MAN WALKING to read, and loved it. She called it “an important book, although hard to read.” [ Hard to read, I gather, due to the subjects of homelessness and alcoholism. ] And now, she plans to borrow ANNIE DREAMING to read.

I hope she’ll spread the word. That’s what matters.



Just Sold 2 Books!

Sold 2 books to my neighbor down the street – she purchased ANNIE DREAMING and METAL MAN WALKING. I discounted them, calling them a “set.” Instead of $29 dollars, the “set” was $25 dollars.

Very nice to speak with her; and wonderful to sell my novels to her!

You Know Things Are Slow When…

Tonight I noticed that I sold a copy of METAL MAN WALKING through “expanded distribution” – meaning, I gather, that a bookstore or library purchased that copy. The royalty on this is lousy, but it’s still exciting.

Also, today a colleague of mine stated, “I finished ANNIE DREAMING. I like it better than METAL MAN WALKING. It read better for me. I liked the telepathy in it.”

The whole feedback thing – the positive comments – just keeps me going, as a writer and lately as a person, too.

Thanks everyone!

Book Signing

I have a book signing scheduled for December 20th 7pm-8pm at A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE in downtown Summerville, South Carolina.

I’ll have copies of METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING available for purchase.

Come on out; it’s THIRD THURSDAY and generally a roaring good time in Summerville.

A Hat!

As I mentioned in a previous post, advertising is on clothing. I asked whether a tee or a hat is the better clothing for an ad. I received no response, although 2 people did take a moment to like my post. So, I decided to use a hat!

A Hat or A Tee?

Advertising is on clothes! I advertise my primary ( isn’t that what WordPress calls it? ) blog GRACE PARTAKERS on a baseball cap! I’m thinking of DooRFrame Books either on a cap or a tee. Probably not much ‘bang’ for the buck, but handing out ‘business’ cards doesn’t appear to work well either.

Begging people to buy a novel is rather lame, too.

So, hat or tee?