Proof ordered


Deciding to spend a little money up-front and order a second proof of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY, my latest novel – a novel I hesitantly designated as a ‘coming of age’ tale. Actually it’s a novel about a young boy who is unusually tall and also a genius, a boy whose dreams literally come true and who is physically effected by music – a boy who is more than he seems.

I’m looking forward to sharing my newest with you, my readers and friends.

Azalea’s Spring Issue is out and about

ImageThe Spring issue of local magazine, AZALEA came out yesterday. I’d taken myself out to dinner, spied it at the restaurant ( it’s complimentary ), grabbed two copies, and headed home. Inside, I found a single page devoted to self-published books by local authors.

ImageBelow this nice description of how self-publishing has changed the world of writing, reading and yes – publishing, I found the short description of METAL MAN WALKING.

ImageSo, pick up a copy today. Just as AZALEA indicates, METAL MAN WALKING may be ordered from your local bookstore, purchased online at either in paperback or Kindle format.

Happy reading!

Azalea Magazine – Again

The editor-in-chief of Summerville’s Azalea Magazine called me on my cell phone while I was at work last week. I was so excited, I thought I’d jump out of my skin. But, being at work and being one of those dedicated employees – seriously, I am! – I suggested she call me later.

I wasn’t certain the call was about METAL MAN WALKING and/or ANNIE DREAMING; but I was hopeful, to say the least.

She didn’t call at the appointed time. Disappointment set in. I even thought perhaps her earlier call was a dreaded sales call!

But, yesterday, I received a very nice e-mail from the editor-in-chief of Azalea Magazine. Contrary to the magazine’s usual policy of avoiding the self-published, she wants to read one of my books.

I’m excited again.

More to follow…


1, 2, 3… Sold!

My latest novel, ANNIE DREAMING came out on Friday, October 12th to my delight. After many months of work, often around the clock, I’ve finally published her. [ I say “around the clock” because often I’d wake with an idea that demanded I get up and jot it down…]

And, over the weekend, last night and today I’ve sold 6 copies.

Nice. More sales required.


Just Arrived

The doorbell rings. I think it’s the people come to close my pool for the season. Nope, it’s the UPS truck delivering a box. I know in the box are 15 copies of ANNIE DREAMING, some pre-ordered but most taken out – so to speak – in faith.

They’re beautiful except the first one out of the box has a slightly bent cover. Think I’ll call Createspace. I’ve never complained before, so…

Maybe they’ll send me another.