An Expression of Interest, A Purchase, and A Like

Today, a young woman asked me if I was a writer. She stopped me and said, “I don’t know if it’s you, but someone told me that you write.” She wanted to know what I’ve written because she wants to be a writer herself. I gave her written information on how to contact me and how to purchase my books.

Another person wrote on my FB wall that her daughter has just ordered THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY.

And, as I was leaving work, a friend stopped me to say she finished reading THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY on her vacation and that she loved it. She loved the ending!

What a nice day!

Sold A Copy

Today, I sold a copy of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY to a fan. An avid reader – and one who is enthusiastic about my novels – bought my most recent novel.  She’s read the others and enjoyed them.

Once again, the best part was signing it to her.

Nice to have fans!