Two Sales

I sold 2 copies of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY today. One person paid me $16; the other didn’t pay me (at all)… Life is such a trade-off, isn’t it? I so appreciate the person who paid me more than I asked; and the person who misunderstood me and who was misunderstood by me as well.

At any rate, happy reading!


So far, I’ve sold 2 copies of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY to fellow WP bloggers and my friends. Thanks to Michael and Jeff for their continued support!

I sold 1 copy to my long-time neighbor and dear friend, Bob. Thanks Bob!

I sold 2 copies today to colleagues – 1 copy to B.; thanks B! And 1 copy to E., for R. Thanks E.

You are each appreciated.

Happy reading!


Today, at work, I casually asked a friend who’d read METAL MAN WALKING (and loved it) if he was ready to read ANNIE DREAMING. He said that he was indeed. I mentioned that I happened to have a copy. 

He bought it!

At the same time, another colleague of his and mine asked about my novels. She’s planning to purchase 2 of METAL MAN WALKING and 2 of ANNIE DREAMING (in paperback!). I gave her a discount code for my e-Store (that’s my policy – buy the ‘set’, get a discount!)

What a nice day…