Promoting your books is like climbing your own private mountain

Book promotion is a pain in the _______ (insert your fav descriptor here).

Book promotion is — for me — like climbing my own private mountain, a mountain no one has climbed before me with no footholds or handholds outlined in chalk residue, no hardware previously hammered into the rock face, no clear path above.

This mountain is stark, barren, unloved.

I climb it one movement at a time, ever upward.

Each sale or give-a-way or donation — yes, donation! — is movement in the correct direction, toward the summit.

If I ever summit, I’ll admire the view.

Second proof arrives

Typically, I’ve already read the first three chapters of the second proof of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY and have made changes, adding a short scene and changing words here and there.

The edit – an opportunity to polish and make the work better!

Azalea’s Spring Issue is out and about

ImageThe Spring issue of local magazine, AZALEA came out yesterday. I’d taken myself out to dinner, spied it at the restaurant ( it’s complimentary ), grabbed two copies, and headed home. Inside, I found a single page devoted to self-published books by local authors.

ImageBelow this nice description of how self-publishing has changed the world of writing, reading and yes – publishing, I found the short description of METAL MAN WALKING.

ImageSo, pick up a copy today. Just as AZALEA indicates, METAL MAN WALKING may be ordered from your local bookstore, purchased online at either in paperback or Kindle format.

Happy reading!

Just Sold 2 Books!

Sold 2 books to my neighbor down the street – she purchased ANNIE DREAMING and METAL MAN WALKING. I discounted them, calling them a “set.” Instead of $29 dollars, the “set” was $25 dollars.

Very nice to speak with her; and wonderful to sell my novels to her!

You Know Things Are Slow When…

Tonight I noticed that I sold a copy of METAL MAN WALKING through “expanded distribution” – meaning, I gather, that a bookstore or library purchased that copy. The royalty on this is lousy, but it’s still exciting.

Also, today a colleague of mine stated, “I finished ANNIE DREAMING. I like it better than METAL MAN WALKING. It read better for me. I liked the telepathy in it.”

The whole feedback thing – the positive comments – just keeps me going, as a writer and lately as a person, too.

Thanks everyone!

Azalea Magazine – Again

The editor-in-chief of Summerville’s Azalea Magazine called me on my cell phone while I was at work last week. I was so excited, I thought I’d jump out of my skin. But, being at work and being one of those dedicated employees – seriously, I am! – I suggested she call me later.

I wasn’t certain the call was about METAL MAN WALKING and/or ANNIE DREAMING; but I was hopeful, to say the least.

She didn’t call at the appointed time. Disappointment set in. I even thought perhaps her earlier call was a dreaded sales call!

But, yesterday, I received a very nice e-mail from the editor-in-chief of Azalea Magazine. Contrary to the magazine’s usual policy of avoiding the self-published, she wants to read one of my books.

I’m excited again.

More to follow…


A Hat or A Tee?

Advertising is on clothes! I advertise my primary ( isn’t that what WordPress calls it? ) blog GRACE PARTAKERS on a baseball cap! I’m thinking of DooRFrame Books either on a cap or a tee. Probably not much ‘bang’ for the buck, but handing out ‘business’ cards doesn’t appear to work well either.

Begging people to buy a novel is rather lame, too.

So, hat or tee?