Three Novels Sold

So today I get a page from a nurse at work; he has his checkbook and wants to buy my novels. 

“Which ones?” I ask.

He says he’s not sure.

I am just leaving to head to THIRD THURSDAY book signing in Summerville. I say, “You know, I’m going to sign books. Why don’t I come over and sell you my novels?”

And that’s what I do. He buys GANI & SEAN and another of my books. Then he helps me sell METAL MAN WALKING to another nurse who happens by. He talks my books up; he is such a fan!

How lovely.

At THIRD THURSDAY a bit later, I don’t sell any books but I peak the interest of several people.

All in all, a nice day of sharing my works.

Thanks to my readers and my small but slowly growing fan base!

Little successes

Dropped off three copies each of METAL MAN WALKING and THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY to the shop downtown Summerville named The Finishing Touch; at the same time spoke with a lovely lady about my novels and about two book clubs she belongs to in the area. Also picked up a commission check from the owner of The Finishing Touch and cash from a sale made since my Third Thursday visit in April. 

Actually brought home some “bacon” today. Of course, the leavings are minuscule but tasty nevertheless.

Book Signing

I have a book signing scheduled for December 20th 7pm-8pm at A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE in downtown Summerville, South Carolina.

I’ll have copies of METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING available for purchase.

Come on out; it’s THIRD THURSDAY and generally a roaring good time in Summerville.