After a late morning lunch

After a late morning lunch of Chicken Satay and Jasmine tea, my friend and I went to the local wine bar and enjoyed several half-glasses of white and red wines. Then, we parted company. Walking back to my car, I spotted a sign outside a local clothing shop with chalk words “Book Signing Today.” I strolled in to greet the author, and speak to him.

He wasn’t selling his novels today, but a coffee table (gift) book of his articles from years of writing for the local newspaper. I’m not much interested in this kind of work, so I took his card. And he bought a copy of THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY which I signed. I still love doing that – signing my novel is so much fun.

Happy Reading, everyone!

For a Social Worker

Today I sold a copy of METAL MAN WALKING to a bank manager. She bought it for her daughter, who is a social worker. Her daughter did research on the homeless in a nearby city. I’m excited to know what she thinks of Chuck and his pursuit of happiness on the streets of the Low Country.

Debating A Single Volume

I’m pondering. I’m debating. 

Two things; no three.

Put METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING into a single volume with a Book 1 and a Book 2. Call it “DooRFrames” or “DooRFrame Books.”

Change the title of ANNIE DREAMING to DREAMING ANNIE… I’ve struggled with the title for the second novel for a while, obviously.

And enter the final volume in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest – all this weekend!

Any thoughts?

The Follow-Through

Today, at work, the woman – the kind woman – who approached me yesterday about purchasing my novels for her husband stopped by again. I was prepared. I had both METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING with me. She excitedly thanked me for bringing them! Then, she bought both of them. Then, on top of that, she asked if I could bring two more copies because she wanted to buy another set of the DooRFrame Books for a friend “who loves to read.”

Of course, I had a second set of books in a box in my car. So, I sold her 4 books today!

She thanked me! I thanked her!


Today, at its end at work, I was approached by a fellow hospital worker. She said she hadn’t bought my novels yet, then asked for my card.

I can only hope she follows through and buys one or both of the DooRFrame Books: METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING.