Little successes

Dropped off three copies each of METAL MAN WALKING and THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY to the shop downtown Summerville named The Finishing Touch; at the same time spoke with a lovely lady about my novels and about two book clubs she belongs to in the area. Also picked up a commission check from the owner of The Finishing Touch and cash from a sale made since my Third Thursday visit in April. 

Actually brought home some “bacon” today. Of course, the leavings are minuscule but tasty nevertheless.

Local author sells 5


“Local author book-signing” welcome on the sidewalk outside the front door of A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE today. 


And the entrance cubby where I sat or stood to sell my novels, METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING. 

I sold and signed five novels: four of METAL MAN WALKING and one of ANNIE DREAMING. 

I’m exhausted, but happy.

Azalea’s Spring Issue is out and about

ImageThe Spring issue of local magazine, AZALEA came out yesterday. I’d taken myself out to dinner, spied it at the restaurant ( it’s complimentary ), grabbed two copies, and headed home. Inside, I found a single page devoted to self-published books by local authors.

ImageBelow this nice description of how self-publishing has changed the world of writing, reading and yes – publishing, I found the short description of METAL MAN WALKING.

ImageSo, pick up a copy today. Just as AZALEA indicates, METAL MAN WALKING may be ordered from your local bookstore, purchased online at either in paperback or Kindle format.

Happy reading!

Third Thursday

Third Thursday in Summerville, South Carolina is an opportunity. The small downtown area shops remain open until 8 pm and a street fair ensues. Unfortunately, last night, a rain – hard and a bit cold – blew into town.

I had a ‘book-signing’ at our only local bookstore – A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE – which is a beautiful children’s place of reading.

I connected with at least 16 people, but no one purchased a book. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself.

Times are tough.

Asking Azalea

Azalea Magazine is a free but slick, advertisement-packed, beautiful seasonal magazine about Summerville, South Carolina. I’d love a feature – ah ha! – in one of the future issues! Even a short excerpt of either METAL MAN WALKING or ANNIE DREAMING would be wonderful.

Better yet, a well-written, crisp review of one or both!

Here’s to dreams.